The NOAH Protocol

We are so thrilled to announce the FDA has approved The NOAH Protocol. Children who have been told they have no hope for survival will finally get a chance at life. Dr. Laurence Cooper, lead researcher, said, “The ability to test the NOAH Protocol in patients is due to the sheer will of one mom, one little boy, and an incredible determination by the team at MD Anderson to prevent other children from suffering from brain cancer. This is the first big step.”

The NOAH Protocol (New Opportunity Advancing Hope) is groundbreaking, advanced immunotherapy to treat children diagnosed with brain cancer. Until this treatment, chemotherapy had to be administered in extremely high doses to the entire system so that it could breach the blood-brain barrier, a protective layer that surrounds the brain. Radiation is aimed at the entire brain, damaging healthy cells in the process and rendering younger patients who survive unable to read, tell time or tie their shoes.

“There are so many more ‘Noahs’ out there, and I now do this for each and every one.”
– Founder, Amber A. Larkin

Now, however, The NOAH Protocol will treat cancer directly at the site of the tumor and avoid harsh side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors will retrieve NK (natural killer) cells from the patient, which are part of the immune system, and strip them of their typical hunting abilities. Then, the NK cells are introduced to the patient’s cancer cells and trained to fight the tumor, cell by cell. A new surgical technique, in which a port is implanted at the site of the cancer, delivers the newly trained NK cells to do their duty and kill the cancer.

Supporting Noah’s Light Foundation means that valuable dollars will now be used to save children’s lives. Study information for NOAH Protocol is available at

For more information about The NOAH Protocol, visit The University of Texas MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital website at

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