Lighting the Path for the Kids

supporting the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend 2017 campaign
The Sky is the Limit I am running to raise money for kids with brain cancer. I want to give them a chance to reach the stars. Please help me in this journey. Thank you for your support

This is my goal: I want to help Noah's Light Foundation light the Path. The NOAH Protocol (New Opportunity Advancing Hope) is groundbreaking, advanced immunotherapy to treat children diagnosed with brain cancer. We all know someone who has been effected by Cancer and they go through chemotherapy and are very sick. With this new treatment they can direct the chemotherapy straight to the tumour. I am running to raise money to give the kids a chance at a fun and fulfilling life. For 15 years I was a caregiver for a lady with a brain tumour and had the opportunity to enhance her life. Now I want to do more to help others with this new treatment, please help me on this journey.