Star Wars Dark Side Challenge

supporting the cancer eRACErs campaign
In a galaxy far far away... there is a finish line... AND I WILL CROSS IT!

When it comes to funding for childhood cancer, most programs are running on empty. I’ve decided to be part of the solution by running for Noah’s Light Foundation. This organization is focused on finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer and supports meaningful research that has already made the jump from the laboratory to patients.

The NOAH Protocol uses kids’ own immune systems - specifically natural killer (NK) cells - to find and fight cancer cells at the source. Right now, children with brain cancer are being treated in a Phase I trial with the hope that they will no longer have to receive chemotherapy or radiation and that they could finally be done with cancer.

My run is about so much more than getting in shape, crossing the finish line or achieving a personal record. I run for these kids, so that cancer will no longer be threat to their survival. Children deserve a chance to grow up and achieve their dreams, please donate today to help me reach the goal of a cure for pediatric brain cancer.

I will be using the force to complete the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge combining the Star Wars 10K and Half Marathon this April. Feel the power of the force yourself and make your donations to help a young Padawan and future Jedi.