Running for Keeps

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Welcome to my fundraising page for Noah's Light Foundation. Please take a minute to read my story - of course I hope you like what you read and will donate ;)

Many of you may know that I love running! (Ok, if you know me at all, I've probably mentioned running to you on more than one occasion.) But what you may not know is that while I run to keep healthy I also run for those that can't. I'm running for this awesome organization, Noah's Light. They are funding some cutting edge research - that's looking to eliminate current forms of treatment, like chemotherapy, for less toxic and more successfull forms of treatment. Wanna watch cancer cells get eaten by your own immune system!? For real, no joke - check it out here:

By donating to my campaign, you'd be a part of this amazing research - you could say that you had a hand in funding the cure for cancer! Wouldn't that be awesome? And the best part, there's no minimum. Give what you can, every dollar is needed if we're going to beat this!

Just click that pretty DONATE button and join the movement that's starting with children and putting an end to this terrible terrible disease!