Running to Make a Difference

supporting the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2017 campaign
Welcome All! I love to run with a mission, to make a difference in myself and the world, and spark change. Noah's Light Foundation is providing me the opportunity to mark something off my bucket list while at the same time providing me the opportunity to spread hope for finding a cure for children's cancer.

My name is Amanda Roberts.

I started running back in 2015 to become a healthier me and run off the energy of my husky, Chewbecca. I was slow and steady but I would see changes in myself and what I could accomplish. I was introduced to different running communities and learned how I could make a difference in the world. I started running with a purpose to do so much good by using charity miles, signing up for races that donates to some amazing causes, and to make me not healthier but also a better individual.

I am a huge Disney Fan and always aspired to do the Glass Slipper Challenge but never felt I was quite ready for it. The 2017 medals are inspired by Beauty and the Beast, my favorite Disney movie and favorite princess. It was great motivation for me to find a way to do the race.  RunDisney works with Charities to help runners make a difference in the organizations by raising money and awareness while letting the runner participate in the events.  Amongst my running club, I learned about Noah's Light Foundation around the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. The organization has a simple mission:

To find a cure for pediatric brain cancer by supporting visionary doctors in pediatric oncology, funding new research in the field, raising awareness of our cause, and enriching the lives of the brave children struggling with this disease.

A simple but profound mission. They are a charity group again at the 2017 Princess Half Marathon Weekend and are allowing slow and steady me to represent them by raising funds and spreading awareness. 

I am not a mother, nor do I know anyone affected by childhood brain cancer. But one day, I want to be a mother and I want to know that I have done everything in my power to help my future child and children now have a better life. According to, brain and spinal cord tumors are the third most common type of childhood cancer. Further information from the Noah's Light Foundation states: Of the approximately 4,200 children diagnosed with these lethal tumors (of which approximately 2,000 are brain cancers) each year, fewer than 20 percent will survive. This is despite decades of research conducted at medical centers across the United States.

I want to make a difference for the children now and my future children. I want to help spread hope and help light a path to the cure of children's brain cancer. 

Thank you for taking the time to listen to about me and how I want to make a difference in my slow and steady manner. Thank you for supporting my goals, dreams, and helping lighting the path to cure children's brain cancer. 

Thanks again,

Amanda Roberts